Our in Prison programmes

Our programmes are aimed at reducing the prison population, reducing recidivism and helping reintergration into communities.

Former PM Helen Clark attends Literacy Programme award ceremony. Photo by Anna Loren

50 Graduations

200 Prisoners have learnt how to read

200 Howard League Volunteers

10000 Books have been donated

  • Organising and executing basic literacy and numeracy programmes in jails
  • Providing literacy programmes in alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities
  • One on one learner licence programmes in prison
  • Provide English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) tutoring in jails
  • Facilitation of book clubs in jails
  • Facilitating book donations to prison libraries
  • Locating and donating to prison libraries
  • Providing bee keeping instruction
  • Six Thinking Hat Programme in a number of facilities
  • Facilitation of CV Workshops in jails
  • A Te Reo Maori programme where prisoners and tutors learn to speak Te Reo together

Articles about our Literacy Programme

Help the NZ Howard League reach its goals in reducing prisoners reoffending, reducing the prison population and helping with positive reintegration into communities, without endangering the safety of those communities.

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