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Adult Skills: Literacy Challenges

Author: Kerry Ginever - The book includes activities and exercises which increase in difficulty. Each student will have a copy of this text to use as a work book and keep afterwards.

Adult Skills: Literacy Challenges

Thesaurus Collins School Thesaurus

Atlas Collins New Zealand and South Pacific School Atlas

Penguin Readers - published by Pearson Education

These books are targeted at a range of readers (Levels 1-6 based on vocabulary content)

Disasters series

These are high interest non-fiction readers, focusing on different types of disasters e.g. Volcanoes, Deadly Storms, Earthquakes. Each book is accompanied by a guide for teachers. Reading level 9-10 years.

Collections series

Collections covers a broad array of topics, including New Zealand during war time, inspirational New Zealanders, environmental issues and unusual workplaces The texts have been designed specifically to support adult readers. Each text is accompanied by teacher support material.

Starting Points: Assessment Guide » Ako Aotearoa

The primary aim of Starting Points: Assessment Guide is to give tertiary teachers a framework for assessing adults who are beginning to read and write.

Starting Points Reading: Literacy and Numeracy for Adults

Starting Points Reading assessments are created in a similar way to Starting Points Listening assessments and are only available online. To create a Starting Points Reading assessment, click on the appropriate link on either the Home or Assessments tab.

Introducing Starting Points Reading - Skills Highway

Starting Points Reading is one of two online, adaptive assessment ... Starting Points Assessment Guide, and focuses on reading.

National Geographic’s Windows on Literacy – Giltedge Publishing

A Triple-action Teaching Tool Perfect for Guided, Shared and Independent Reading. Windows on Literacy offers a rich array of leveled readers with high-interest content and images from National Geographic. Titles are in each developmental stage

Iversen Publishing - HOME - Quick60 Programme

Iversen Publishing is a family-owned educational publishing company that publishes great fact and fiction books for the K - 8 international market. Excellent Resources

Selections Series - Rainbow Reading Programme

The Selections series is of interest to older readers (14 years plus) who are reading at the 8 – 9 year reading level.

Skillswise - BBC Teach

BBC Skillswise offers adults free resources to help improve their reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool

Assessment Tool - Adult Literacy and Numeracy for Adults.

ESOL teaching strategies / Resources - ESOL Online - TKI

ESOL teaching strategies. In this section you will find the ESOL teaching strategies which have been grouped according to how they are most frequently used.

Connected Series TKI

Connected promotes scientific, technological, and mathematical literacy so that students can engage in a critical and informed manner with real-life science.

English Language Partners NZ

Resources for teaching ESOL students the English language skills required for participating in all aspects of life in NZ.

All Things Topics

A huge variety of worksheets /ideas for literacy for all levels

Adult Literacy Worksheets Recommended by NALA

Adult Literacy Worksheets Recommended by NALA

Reo Māori resources

Resources aligned to te reo Māori curriculum guidelines. Other resources to support Māori language learning. Resources about tikanga and kaupapa Māori

Resources / Teachers’ notes / Homepage - He reo tupu, he reo ora

Resources. You can use the following resources to support and extend your te reo Māori programme: Te Whakaipurangi Rauemi, online te reo Māori resources

Te Reo Māori Resources

We have a wide variety of Te Reo Maori language resources that are great for use in your class. Browse our categories to find the ideal resource perfect for your next Te Reo session

Teaching resources | Māori at Victoria | Victoria University of Wellington

Te reo Māori pronunciation guide. Learn to pronounce Māori words correctly and you will become more confident using them. Find out how to say Māori vowels. Ako-related resources for teaching Māori students or Māori content.

Samoan Literacy Activities

Activities, lessons, posts and resources to promote the Sāmoan/Samoan Culture and Gagana Sāmoa/Samoa (the Sāmoan/Samoan Language).

Samoan│Gagana Sāmoa

Find online resources to help you learn and practise Samoan.


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